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Franchise Opportunities with the Building Inspection Company, Christchurch

If you’re looking to launch a building inspection business with a high-tech competitive edge that is turn-key and rewarding, then The Building Inspection Company is the Franchise for you (trading as The B.I.C).


The building inspection industry is a fast emerging sector and The Building Inspection Company is leading the way, utilising state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology - offering a quality and affordable service that is unique. “We see what the naked eye can’t”.


The Building Inspection Company applied the use of advanced infrared technologies combined with traditional inspection techniques, providing highly advanced building inspections available in New Zealand. The Building Inspection Company  follows and conducts inspections in accordance with New Zealand Standards: NZS 4306: 2005.


Utilising our cutting-edge technologies, The Building Inspection Company inspectors can uncover hidden problems and damage that may go undetected in an ordinary visual inspection. The Building Inspection Company  offers comprehensive building inspections providing clients peace of mind.


Franchise Opportunity

Here is your opportunity to enjoy the benefits of business success whilst assisting in the improvement of moisture and leak detections, energy efficiency and full service building inspections in both the residential and commercial/industrial sectors.


The Building Inspection Company Franchise is a small office/home office and mobile based business specialising in building inspections, utilising modern technology to include infrared thermal imaging and reports, with the focus on providing outstanding customer service and thorough testing and reporting. Our aim as a professional group is to be at the forefront in building inspections using state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment and reporting system.


Chris and Fiona Westeneng

E: chris@thebic.co.nz or fiona@thebic.co.nz


The Building Inspection Company Limited

PO Box 495


Canterbury 7440

P: 03 551 2147

M: 021 652 799


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